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FIB’s Fine Italian Beef and Sausage

A Sausage Serenade
Location: Capitol Square on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (by Starbucks)
By: Anna

Let me start this by saying, I have no allegiances to Chicago. Actually, I hate the Cubs — but not as much as I hate the Bears (although pity might be a better word for both teams). That being said, I love a good dog.

Yeah, I said it. And yeah, FIBs array of cheap, delicious Chicago-style dogs and sandwiches truly deliver. (Okay, not literally.)

FIB's Food Cart

Serving up Chicago style lunch that is quick and delicious.

Two laundry list menus of various hot dogs and sandwiches flank the little cart. Each of the items has a cutesy Chicago name. The “Al Capone,” “The Bill Murray,” etc. The cart is decorated like a brick wall and  framed photos of old-time celebs dot the cart’s interior.  There’s even music playing so you can enjoy some tunes while you wait. And prices are low in terms of food cart fare. My lunch companion was jealous that I shelled out a mere five dollars for a chicken sausage piled high with sweet and hot peppers, marinara and a plump, golden bun. The owner was even sporting a Cubs hat when he handed over my lunch.

Chicken Sausage with hot and sweet peppers

My chicken dog in all of it’s Capitol lawn lunch break glory.

After finding a half sunny spot on the Capitol lawn, Kailey and I sprawled out in anticipation of our cart lunches. (She tried the Bayou, more on that later). Not that it was a competition, but I totally won. My chicken sausage was a great mix of spicy and sweet and the large bun assured my stomach that I was, in fact, not going to have to eat again until at least 3pm. (Groundbreaking.)

One downfall was the casing of the sausage was a little hard to break and because there were so many toppings, it was pretty messy. Luckily, Kailey and I are pretty close friends — she can tolerate my messy eating habits. But if you’re on a work lunch, or worse, a lunch date — probably don’t go for FIBs. Plus, the hot dog metaphor is probably a little much for those contexts.

Other than that, for speed, taste and PRICE, FIBs is on my lists of places to return.

Deliciousness: 4/5 plates
Price: 5/5 plates
Speed: 4/5 plates
Authenticity/Originality: 4/5 plates
OVERALL: 4.5/5 plates

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Kakilima: Authentic Indonesian Food

Hard To Pronounce, Delicious to Eat
Location: Library Mall
By:  Amy Huebner, Guest Streeteater

Editor’s Note: Amy is a newcomer to the foodcart revolution in Madison and discovered Madison Street Eats online. Amy took what she had learned about food cart fare from Madison Street eats and decided to go out on a limb and try something she had never tried – Indonesian Food! She sent us her review and has become our very first guest blogger. Thanks Amy for your well-written submission. -Kailey

After browsing the Library Mall food carts and thinking of ordering from Surco since it received such a great rating from Megan, I stumbled upon Kakilima-Authentic Indonesian Food cart. This cart had four main dishes and two specials which change every day. None of which I could pronounce. Fortunately, there are detailed food descriptions of the options for people like me! I have never tried Indonesian food of any sort and decided that there is no better time to start than now.

Kakilima in Library Mall

I decided on the Ayam Bakar – barbecued chicken breast with peanut sauce, served with rice and acar. What is acar you ask? No clue, but I decided to see where this food adventure would take me. It was a really warm day, so instead of opting for one of the Coke products they offered I stuck with good old water I had brought with me.

I paid $6.75 for my lunch, and stepped to the side for two other gentlemen to order. The line itself was only one person when I arrived, so the wait time was minimal. Less than two minutes later, my Ayam Bakar was boxed and ready to go. I walked with my co-workers to the Terrace, opened the Styrofoam container and dug in.

Ayam Bakar means “burned chicken” in Indonesian…this was delicious though!

The first bite was nothing less than delicious. The peanut flavor of the sauce was exactly what I had hoped for – which is good especially after hearing about Stephanie’s disappointment with the Pad Thai from Thai Riffic  that was lacking on peanut taste. The chicken itself was claimed to be barbequed, but I did not pick up any traditional barbecue tastes, it appeared to be just a grilled chicken breast.  This ended up being fine by me, as the peanut sauce was rich on its own. I initially thought that I had too much sauce and chicken for the amount of rice I received, but after a few bites in, it was a perfect ratio. Then it was time for the acar. I discovered that acar is a pickled cucumber and carrot salad. It is quite acidic all on its own but when mixed with the rest of the dish the richness of the peanut sauce gives it an excellent balance. Upon returning home, a quick look at Google confirmed that “acar” means pickle or pickled in Indonesian.

I proceeded to eat the entire dish, and was completely satisfied when I did finish. I would definitely order this dish again, and am now curious to try other Indonesian food items on their menu. Don’t let yourself be afraid of the items you aren’t familiar with – going out on a limb can be delicious!

Deliciousness: 4/5 plates

Price: 3/5 plates

Speed: 4/5 plates

Authenticity/Originality: 4/5 plates

Overall: 4/5 plates

If you want to be a guest streeteater, email us at madisonstreeteaters@gmail.com


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