Rating Criteria

We’re rating all carts on a 1 to 5 plate system.  Here’s the breakdown on what those plates mean:

Ranks the taste, smell and texture of the food.
5: I would eat this all the time! How did I live without it before this moment?!
4: This was delicious and satisfying, I would probably eat it again.
3: I’m satisfied, but might pick another dish in its place next time.
2: The food performed below standards. I expected it to be better and probably wouldn’t get it again.
1: I’m unsatisfied and don’t care to finish my food.
Compares food to value in strict proportion with nothing else–taste is not included in this!
5: This was a great value–I should be paying them more for how much food I got!
4: I expected to pay this much. Food to dollar ratio is above average.
3: This price seems fair to me for a regular food:dollar ratio.
2: This is overpriced and is not comparable to the amount of food.
1: The price really deters me from getting this item again.
Personal discretion can be used for this–time is money!
5: a minute or less
4: 2 minutes
3: 3 minutes
2: 4 minutes
1: 5 or more minutes
Based on food and experience. Name, cart design and actual food are included in this rating. What’s their ‘schtick’?
5: Can’t find this food anywhere else–no other cart that sells this food. The food stays true to what the cart looks like and is original.
4: I could get this food at another cart, but this cart has the BEST!
3: The food is what I expected I would get.
2: The food at this cart strays from the claims of the cart.
1: The cart is not true to their image–their style doesn’t match what they serve. There is unclear marketing/design of cart that doesn’t portray what kind of food they serve.
Would you come back?

2 responses to “Rating Criteria

  1. David Lohrentz

    Please try the curry at Zen Sushi, and tell me if you have ever had better customer service anywhere in your life.

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