Madison Food Carts

*List Current as of 4.23.2015. Best to check Twitter accounts of carts to see their current location.

Another Sweet Dish: Corner of University Avenue and Frances Street

Athens Gyros

Batter Brothers: 600 block of University Ave (in front of Johnny O’s) late night, 1200 block of West Dayton Street (in front of the Geoscience building) weekdays. Website.

Banzo: Two carts. Library Mall and Capitol Square on Hamilton and Main (also do delivery and dine-in at their Sherman Street location). Sometimes there is a cart on Dayton Street. Website.

Blowin’ Smoke BBQ: Mifflin Street and Wisconsin Ave sometimes, not our often. Brick and mortar restaurant in Waunakee.

Bubbles Doubles: Capitol Square, Mifflin Street and Wisconsin Ave, near Park Bank

Bulgogi Korean Tacos: Capitol Square, near Walgreens

Cafe Costa Rica

Capitol Kettle Corn

Caracas Empanadas: Library Mall during the week. Farmer’s Market Saturdays, Capitol Square, by Walgreens

China Cottage: Library Mall

Curd Girl: Late night Broom Street, Farmer’s Market Saturdays, Concerts on the Square and other events,

Curt’s Gourmet Popcorn

Dandy’s Frozen Treats: Library Mall, pedal cart

Delights: NEW 2015. Grainger Hall, 975 University Avenue on Wednesday and Thursdays. Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays they are at Epic or University Research Park. Facebook.

El Burrito Loco: Corner of East Main Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd (Capitol Square)

Electric Earth

Ernie’s Kettle Korn

Falbo Food Cart

Fine Italian Beef (FIB’S): Two carts. Corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd and East Main Street (Capitol Square, by Starbucks) and Hwy 51 in the Maple Tree parking lot, McFarland

For Crepe’s Sake

Fortune Cafe: Library Mall, Saturday Farmer’s Market. Facebook.

Fresh Cool Drinks

Fried and Fabulous: Capitol Square, King and Main Street for lunch during weekdays, near Walgreens. 400 North Broom Street, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Open Midnight-3 A.M. (By Riley’s Wines of the World) Farmers Market (Capitol Square, Mifflin and State) on Saturday mornings

Golden Square Kettle Corn

Good Food: Corner of Pinckney and Main Street (Capitol Square, by Walgreens)

Hibachi Hut: Library Mall

Ich Liebe Dich Mac ‘n Cheese: NEW 2015. 1200 block of West Dayton Street (in front of the Geoscience building). Website.

In N Out Empanada: 1200 block of West Dayton (in front of the Geoscience building)

Indian Princess Curry

Johnson Brothers Coffee: Farmers Market (Capitol Square, Mifflin and State)

Kakilima: Library Mall

King of Falafel: Corner of Pinckney, Mifflin and Hamilton (Capitol Square, by UW Credit Union)

Ladonia Cafe: Capitol Square, near Walgreens

Lao Lann-Xang

Loose Juice

Luangprabang: Library Mall

Mad City Fry Guy: Dayton Street (Memorial Union South)

Melted. An Urban Grilled Cheese Shop: Capitol Square, Martin Luther King, across the street from Dlux

Madison Sourdough

Mama Aurora’s Cucina

Natural Juice

The Pickle Jar: NEW 2015. 1200 block of West Dayton Street (in front of the Geoscience building). Facebook.

Pots-n-Tots: 1025 W. Johnson in front of Educational Sciences Thursdays and Fridays. Mondays at Epic, Tuesdays at Electronic Theater Controls, Wednesdays at Public Service Commission, 610 Whitney Way. Website.

Saigon Sandwich: West Johnson and North Charter streets

Santa Fe Trailer: Capitol Square, Martin Luther King, across from Starbucks

Slide: Two carts. Library Mall and Capitol Square, Main Street between Walgreens and Starbucks

SoHo Gourmet Cuisine: Library Mall

Steep & Brew

Surco Peruvian Food: Library Mall

Taste of Jamaica (Jamerica)

Taquitos Marimar: Library Mall

Tea Garden

Teriyaki Samurai: Martin Luther King Drive (Capitol Square)

Thai’s Cuisine: 1200 block of West Dayton (in front of the Geoscience building)

Thai-Riffic: Library Mall

Toast – Gilli’s Panini’s: Capitol Square, Wisconsin Avenue and Mifflin, Farmer’s Market Saturdays and Let’s Eat Out Madison

Tropical Drinks

Umami Ramen & Dumpling Bar: Library Mall

Wei’s Food to Go: (Capitol Square)

Winer’s Wiener Wagon: Weekdays Charter and West Johnson across from the Psychology building; Williamson Street by St. Vincent de Paul on Thursday and Friday evenings and all day Saturday

Zen Sushi: Grainger Hall, 975 University Avenue. Facebook.



The Bayou: New Orleans Style: Unknown

BJ’s Kolaches: Grainger Hall on University Avenue CLOSED 4.1.14


Dandelion Vegetarian Foods: Library Mall CLOSED 4.9.2013

Igo Vego: Corner of Mifflin and Wisconsin (Capitol Square) CLOSED

Ingrid’s LunchBox: Corner of State and East Mifflin Street (Capitol Square Farmers’ Market) RETIRED 8.13.2012

Monty’s Blue Plate Diner: Capitol Square CLOSED

Yon Yonson: Library Mall CLOSED

Vang T Xiong Kettle Corn CLOSED

Wally’s Wondering Popcorn Wagon CLOSED

13 responses to “Madison Food Carts

  1. Highly recommend China Cottage. Best served with udon noodles, govenor’s chicken, and a friend.

  2. Where is For Crepe’s Sake this year? I can’t find it and I’m jonesing for some delicious cheap crepes D:

  3. Are there any carts open after 7? I only saw Banzo and Soho.

  4. jennyhaight

    I keep seeing “Food carts coming April -October” near my work on Biltmore Lane on the east side off American Parkway

    • Hi Jenny, I saw those signs in front of the Engineer’s Union but I never saw any carts and then the signs disappeared. However today there were a group of guys carrying the same boxes across my job’s lawn and they said there were some food carts over by Herzing, but I’m having trouble finding anything online about it. I’m getting tired of these Lean Cuisines!

  5. michelle

    Does anyone know if I can hire a food cart for a wedding? Late night snacking!?

  6. Leila

    Igo Vego is closed

  7. Dave

    Don’t let the vegan thing keep you away from Ladonia Cafe. I’m as omnivorous as they come, and their tamale specials are outstanding. One of the best carts I’ve tried here. The special combo at Saigon Sandwiches is also worth seeking out.

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