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Curd Girl

Wisconsin Fried Delight
Location: Farmer’s Market Saturdays, Concerts on the Square and other events. Best to check Twitter.
By: Kailey

Ahh Wisconsin. If there’s one thing we’ve done right – other than inventing kindergarten, building the world’s largest penny and having more bars than grocery stores – it’s cheese. No matter which way you slice, grate, crumble or melt it, we’re pros at cheese. But until recently, one thing had been missing in the cheese empire of Wisconsin’s capital city – a mobile unit focusing solely on the one food item that is better than cheese: deep-fried cheese. While Madison and the surrounding area is the lucky home of plenty of cheese curd options, in Curd Girl we finally have the traveling cheese curd that is necessary for enjoying any event.

Curd Girl food cart. Home of happiness.

Curd Girl food cart. Home of happiness.

The menu is simple. Cheese curds and a sauce for $6. Plus t-shirts if you want to show your curd pride (note: the t-shirts are not made out of cheese curds. But how cool would it be if they were?) The sauce options were hard to choose from: strawberry rhubarb, sriracha aioli and good old ranch. We went with the sriracha but I can’t wait to try the others. The curds were lightly battered and the perfect amount of gooey and greasy. Pretty amazing curds. While not an entree, they pair well with everything – pairs best with beer and a beautiful Madison night.

Take your curd consumption to the next level with beer

Take your curd consumption to the next level with beer



Deliciousness: 5/5 plates
Price: 4/5 plates
Speed: 4/5 plates
Authenticity/Originality: 5/5 plates
OVERALL: 4.5/5 plates

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Sounds Gouda to me
Location: Library Mall
By: Anna

I’m tempted to make a Dande”lyin” pun because of my first experience with the Dandelion food cart. I’ll admit it, last summer when we began our food cart adventure I went to Dandelion with every intention of reviewing, but never did. I took Marie with me because who doesn’t love to share a good vegetarian meal? She ordered the baked tofu sandwich and I got the sweet potato wrap with spinach and smoked Gouda. It came with a side of tortilla chips and pico.


Sweet potato wrap with smoked gouda and a side of chips and pico.

As we sat next to Library Mall and took our first bites, I was in smoked Gouda bliss. But then Marie turned to me and made those eyes girlfriends make when they want you to switch food with them. Turns out her “baked” tofu was definitely fried*. She was not interested in ruining her obsessively healthy food habits with a fried tofu sandwich. Luckily, I can get down with fried tofu and so we made the trade. Lesson learned: menus aren’t always what they seem. Second lesson learned: just because it’s vegetarian, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. (Editors note: the tofu at Dandelion is never fried. Marie was mistaken!)

*On my return my visit, I saw someone order the tofu sandwich and it was baked. Not sure why we got a fried sandwich.  

So, last week, I made the trek (well, I live a block away, but you get the picture) back to Dandelion to break some baked tofu boundaries. I went with one of the daily specials: Indonesian tempeh tacos. Tempeh is an Indonesian soy product that’s comparable to tofu but higher in protein and denser in weight.

Meal of the day! Tempeh tacos with tasty coleslaw on the side. (Best when INSIDE the taco)

I have this weird love for high protein foods; so, while some people cringe at things like tofu or spoonfuls of garbanzo beans, I can’t get enough. My tacos were stuffed with tempeh in a savory, chipotle sauce and there was an Asian coleslaw on the side. Three corn tortillas hugged the tempeh, which wasn’t flavorful, but when you took a bite with the sauce it was BAM, delicious. I forgot a fork, so I ended up hand spooning the coleslaw on top of the tacos which was a cool, maverick way to eat my lunch.

Behold, the cart.

Everything on the Dandelion menu is either vegetarian or vegan and you can ask to have any of the dishes vegan. Everything is around or under $8 – pretty standard for food cart fare. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on who you are) they only have “real sugar” sodas and all I wanted/needed was a Diet Coke. It seems my caffeine needs are a little too mainstream for Dandelion.

It was a later lunch so time wasn’t really an issue, but there was only one person manning the cart so it’s not the FAST FOOD cart that others can be. Depending on the day, more than worker helps out – so keep an eye out.

Deliciousness: 3.5/5 plates
Price: 5/5 plates
Speed: 3/5 plates
Authenticity/Originality: 4/5 plates
Overall: 4/5 Plates


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